Career Fair Cramming

Several companies attending the upcoming Fulton Schools Career Fair are first-timers. They’ve carefully researched and selected ASU: are you equally prepared?

There’s a strategy to getting the most out of a career fair. However, if you’re short on time, here are the top four must-do tasks.


1. Prepare a 30 second introduction of yourself.

When you meet employers, be able to clearly and succinctly tell them who you are, what you’re studying and what you seek. Practice this until you’re comfortable and confident in your delivery. Remember to speak up because it will be noisy.

 2. Know the companies.

Research who will be there and what they do. Don’t waste precious time standing in line only to ask questions you can get from a quick online search. Use face-to-face time to ask questions that show a genuine interest. Save time by looking up the career fair companies on Handshake which hyperlinks to their websites.

3. Bring several copies of your prepared resume, or business cards.

Need a resume, or to update your style? Try out Optimal Resume listed on Handshake. Use the tutorial to create a technical resume, or quickly change formats to a style that suits you perfectly. Don’t be surprised if you hear “apply online” at the fair. Company representatives still want to meet you, AND find you in their employment systems. A well-tailored resume with keywords helps you ‘pop’ in person and online.

4. Dress professionally.

Dress to impress like you would in an interview. The culture of each company and field varies. Dressing up can never hurt, dressing down can. Dress smart and make a great first impression!

Top Links and Resources for Career Fair Prep

  1. Login to Handshake for company list and Optimal Resume.
  2. Career Fairs> Webpage dedicated to preparing for a career fair created by Wetfeet.
  3. Vista Print> If you do not have a business card, you can print free ones on Vista Print.
  4. Tips to success for in-person networking> How to make a good impression on those you meet.
  5. Elevator Pitch> How to create your 30 second introduction of yourself.