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Fulton Schools of Engineering Career Center

Co-Op Program

The Fulton Schools of Engineering Co-op Program, administered through the career center, is under evaluation and is not accepting Spring-Summer 2019 enrollment. Students, check with your academic advisor for xxx484 internship or other course options.


Co-op Overview

The Co-op Program (co-op) is a structured method of complementing classroom education with paid practical work experience.  A cooperative experience, known as a “Co-op,” is either one continuous summer-fall OR one continuous spring-summer term. Co-ops may be eligible for academic credit (FSE399) for job experience directly related to the student’s major.  Cooperative education helps students make the school-to-work transition by providing real world experiential learning.

The program offers a number of benefits:

  • Gain extended valuable work experience with industry partners.
  • Develop practical skills and training which will aid in education and career preparation.
  • Co-ops can provide practical topics for projects, papers or theses, and establish a great professional network.
Employer Requirements & Forms

Company Co-op Information, Procedures and Forms

Student Requirements & Forms
  • Why Be a Co-op Student
    • Currently this program is open to limited majors- please check with your academic advisor.
    • Co-op FAQs
  • Apply to be a co-op student:
  • If accepted into the co-op program, there are requirements and assignments:
    • Sample syllabus– students will be given the syllabus for the specific term. Do not rely on the attached.
    • Sample mid-term and final student evaluation form for the supervisor to complete.