FSE 484 Internships

**This page is being built. Do NOT rely on content. Become familiar with the information and then call the Engineering Career Center at 480.965.2966 to request more information from the FSE 484 Liaison.**

Many Fulton Schools of Engineering Undergraduate academic programs offer or require an internship course (xxx 484) in support of degree-related internships. Students must pursue their xxx 484 course with their academic advisor before requesting FSE 484 as an option with the Career Center. FSE 484 is a restricted course primarily used for study abroad containing an internship component that cannot be evaluated by academic advising until the experience is completed.

Student FSE 484 Information, Procedures & Forms

  • Students cannot receive credit for past experience
  • Students must meet all FSE 484 eligibility requirements, including being an undergraduate domestic student
  • Students must submit all FSE 484 application materials for Career Center review and pre-approval of the internship for potential FSE 484 credit
  • Student must inform company / supervisor of forms and responsibilities and supervisor must agree
  • After reviewing this webpage and associated documents, the student must make an appointment with the FSE 484 Engineering Career Center Liaison by calling 480.965.2966 for review of documents, approval or denial to register for the FSE 484 course and to go over expectations, if accepted
  • After FSE 484 is successfully completed, the student might be able to submit a request to the academic department to review it for program-related credit. There is no guarantee it will be approved. Verify with the department PRIOR to registering for FSE 484 if there is any possibility it might count toward the academic program requirements.

Example FSE 484 Documents

Company FSE 484 Information, Procedures & Forms