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Fulton Schools of Engineering Career Center

Internship / Co-op FAQ

Q: How do I get an internship or co-op ?

You must apply, interview and be selected by the company.

Q. What is are the general differences between Internship and Co-op?

Internships are typically 8-15 week work experiences at companies usually over 1 summer or 1 fall or 1 spring. They may or may not be related to your degree. They may or may not be available for academic credit. Check with your academic advisor for details, as individual programs are responsible for determination of academic credit eligibility and registration if applicable.

ASU Fulton Engineering co-ops are longer work experiences at companies and must be either a back-to-back summer-fall OR back-to-back spring-summer work term. They are program-related and, if your program allows them they may be permitted for academic credit. Prior to applying for and accepting a co-op, speak to your academic advisor as it may delay your graduation and have other implications as well.

Q: How can I learn about other opportunities for internships / co-ops? Learn more about our internship /co-op opportunities.

Schedule an appointment with career center staff or a peer career coach to discuss internship / co-op opportunities. Your coach will be able to show you how to find them on places such as Handshake, GoinGlobal, specialized and company websites. You can learn how to get in touch with small corporations that you may not have known. Ask how you can approach a company that doesn’t have an internship or co-op program- be the first!

Q: Where can I find more information about co-ops?

Click here to go to the Co-op page