ASU’s recruiting policies

We require employers which are using our systems or physical locations to recruit ASU students and alumni to abide by these recruiting policies

Why recruit at ASU?

If you come to ASU for recruiting, we can guarantee that you will see the difference in our students. Fulton Engineering students are engineers from day one—that means that our students are learning engineering as they practice it.

Our freshmen and sophomores are just as integrated into the program as our juniors and seniors.

This makes for a great opportunity for you to begin recruiting our engineers early in their education. Get to know them at our formal and informal recruitment events, and make that journey with them as they move towards graduation.

Our recruitment activities take place on campus, off campus and online. There are plenty of opportunities for you to join the Fulton Schools of Engineering community and get to know our students.

The Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering Career Center offers a variety of tools and events where employers can promote opportunities for students to join their team as interns or new hires.

Hire our students

ASU ranks fifth among universities whose “bachelor degree graduates were the best-trained and educated, and best able to succeed once hired.” – Wall Street Journal

Our most versatile resource is  Handshake.  There is no cost to post jobs and internships for ASU students and alumni, search resumes or participate in on-campus recruiting.

For on-campus events, we host semi-annual career fairs for employers to meet face-to-face with students. We have facilities and office space where employers can reserve rooms to conduct interviews immediately following these events. Besides these large-scale events, the Career Center organizes info sessions, mixers and experiential opportunities such as shadowing, mentoring, site visits and research projects. We are dedicated to connecting our students with exciting opportunities provided by employers.

Plan your visit

To help you arrange your travel plans we have organized a few links to make the task a little easier.