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Earn Internship Academic Credit

Students might be able to earn academic credit for degree-related for internships, in addition to earning a paycheck.

CPT/OPT Internship FAQs

Experiential education is recognized as a complementary praxis and integral to the overall academic experience.

Student Placement Agreement

When Fulton students earn academic credit for internships, a valid Student Placement Agreement (SPA) between ASU and the employer is required.

Cybersecurity career outlook

The demand for cybersecurity jobs exceeds the number of qualified people to fill those roles now and is expected to increase steadily over the next 5-10 years.  *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Family Makes A Difference- Career Center Parent Guide

Be a valuable part of your student’s career preparation and internship/job search process without being a “helicopter parent.”

What we do for students and alumni

The Fulton Schools of Engineering Career Center is your resource from your first year through graduation. 

  • Online tutorials and presentations

  • On-campus and virtual career fairs and employer events

  • Career coaching

  • Discover how to create a distinguished résumé

  • Customize your education to become an asset in your field

  • Learn how to be professional during an interview or career fair

Thank you to our Corporate Affiliate Partners

Fulton Schools Career Center is grateful for their commitment, mentorship and generous support of our students’ career development.