Earn credit for your internship

FAQs for International Students Regarding CPT & OPT by School

Learn about the Student Placement Agreement request process

Internships offer valuable hands-on experience and an opportunity to see first-hand how college classes apply to work in the field. For industry, internships offer well-prepared and motivated talent, and a way to get to know students early in their educational experience or fill seasonal or peak needs

Students might be able to earn academic credit for degree-related internships, in addition to earning a paycheck. Before applying to internships, speak with your academic advisor to discuss if you can earn academic credit for your up-coming experience.

For internship academic credit within a department, for instance BME484 or EEE684, the only Career Center involvement in the process is to verify that the company has a valid Student Placement Agreement with ASU. Learn more about the Student Placement Agreement request process.

If you are an international student, speak with your academic advisor regarding your ability to do an internship for credit.  Also, you will need to meet with the International Students and Scholars Center regarding work authorization. Please do this as soon as you get an internship, because it can often take more than a month or two during their busy season to get you what you need.

Looking for a part-time job on campus?

Visit the ASU Student Employment website for student employment opportunities on all ASU campus. Some off-campus opportunities are also listed on this site.