Sophomore Pathways

Congratulations! You have your first year done and are moving on an exciting path. In your sophomore year, it is important to study hard and stay “on track.” You know that engineering programs are difficult, but worth the effort. GPA matters. Evaluate your first-year experience and make appropriate adjustments in study habits, time management and planning. Continue to read electronic communications to ensure that you don’t miss out on any opportunities.

Maximize your academic experience

  • Engage in Undergraduate Research and Entrepreneurship. Learn more about our signature programs,  such as FURI- research faculty working in an area that interests you.  Join EPICS to make a difference in the community using engineering skills you gained and to gain more! Have an entrepreneurial spirit? Get your idea launched or lend your support by joining the Entrepreneurship + Innovation @ Fulton Schools or other programs.
  • Be an active participant in a student organization. Take on a leadership role or work on a committee; it will help give you valuable experience and a good resume builder.
  • Find ways to gain global experience—volunteer organizations, internships and study abroad programs are just a few ways to get started.
  • Continue to read and learn about business and how your area of technology impacts the world. Engineers work with colleagues across all functions of business.

Prepare for Internships

  • Arrange and conduct informational interviews to gain first-hand knowledge of the career you are considering—people actually doing the job can give you the best information and answer your questions.
  • Practice the art of interviewing and meeting people—these are important skills. Begin by attending a networking workshop.
  • Look at company websites, job and industry videos and review job descriptions of jobs that interest you. Your goal is not to get just any job, but your dream job. Make the time to find it and learn how to get it.
  • Use online tools for career, industry and company research to help you make informed decisions.
  • Develop a resume to use when applying for internships and upload it to Handshake. Work with your career coach to craft bullets that best represent your skills.
  • Prepare and be able to deliver a 30-second commercial highlighting the attributes that you most want a contact to remember about you—practice until it feels comfortable and natural.
  • Get relevant experience through a special project or volunteer opportunity, applying what you’ve learned in science and introductory engineering classes.
  • Continue to be strategic by using coursework to learn about career issues and demonstrate technical competencies.
  • Get to know the companies recruiting students by attending company-sponsored information sessions, meeting recruiters and hiring managers, and becoming familiar with different corporate cultures to find the best fit for you.
  • Apply for spring or summer internships for sophomores by using Handshake, and attending ASU and engineering career fairs.


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