Explore majors and careers

All students select a major when they apply to ASU. It’s common for students to explore other majors even after making their initial selection. Discover more about your ASU major and other Fulton majors. Most students change their major in college at least once, and generally several times. Explore now to get a head start on planning for your future and what you can do to make it happen! FINISH- Start now for a strong finish

Learn about jobs and career options
  • You, Your Major and Destiny is for food for thought
  • Learn more about your opportunities through Informational Interviewing
  • Talk to professionals who have careers you think you want at Career Exploration Night for First Year Students
  • Career Cornerstone is a great resource for those pursuing careers in engineering, mathematics, information technology and the physical sciences.
  • LinkedIn contains a wealth of information about people, companies and jobs.  Go to the LinkedIn Learning Center for student user guides.
  • My Next Move can help answer questions about what type of work you may enjoy. Find your dream career in a few words!
  • Selecting a major and a career path can get overwhelming because there are so many job possibilities. In addition to the thousands of job titles that currently exist, completely new job titles, new career fields and new technologies will be created each year. How are you supposed to manage all of that? Do research to find a field – or two or three – that excite you. Take notes and keep a list of the things that appear interesting and exciting. Also pay attention to the things that sound boring and distasteful.
Do a self-assessment

FINISH- Start now for a strong finish

Many people skip this step and end up jumping from one job to another, never finding career satisfaction. Approach career planning logically and systematically. Identify interests, skills, abilities, preferences and values. Students are more successful academically when interests are matched with careers.

Put the two together

View the first year checklist.

As you are compiling a list of potential jobs and career fields, consider how they fit with they might fit with your natural abilities, skills, interests and values. Identify and plan to meet people who are doing the kinds of work you think you would like to do. Remember that your professors are very knowledgeable about these topics. Plan to visit them during their office hours.

Make it a goal to get a summer job, a part-time position or an internship working alongside professionals whose work is of interest to you. Know that you will most likely have more than one career and many jobs between college and retirement. Think of your professional life as a journey. It may have several forks in the road where you will make new choices. The road will probably have some turns and spots of rough terrain. The decision that you are making now is only the first step!

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