First Year 2nd Semester Pathways

Things to know and do for engineering freshmen/first year second semester students

  1. Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering students have your own Career Center designed to help you select your college experiences, find career information, use job search resources, connect you with employers who are seeking technical talent, and coach you along the way. This is in addition to ASU’s Career and Professional Development Services (CPDS) that serves all ASU students.
  1. September/October and February/March are the two peak times of the year when employers connect with college campuses to hire interns and new graduates. ASU career fairs take place during these peak recruiting times.
  1. Information about career fairs, company information sessions, internships, and companies recruiting on campus are found on Handshake. Register and fill out your profile.
  1. You can increase your chances of obtaining internships if you are prepared to apply and interview when the most employers are hiring. Preparation events and workshops are offered during the weeks before the fall and spring career fairs.
  1. Resources and presentations are available on the Engineering Career Center’s website.
  1. There are things that you should be doing NOW to make yourself a more competitive candidate – developing interpersonal skills and competencies along with increasing your technical expertise. Joining Fulton clubs and student chapters of professional organizations is a great way to enhance your skills early.
  1. You have a team of well-trained peer career coaches who can help you to translate your skills and experiences into résumé accomplishment bullets that are of interest to employers. Peer coaches can guide you through the internship/job search process including suggesting appropriate career related activities during the summer.

Meet with a Career Peer Coach

Use Handshake to schedule an appointment or stop in to sign up for a same-day advising time with a Peer Career Advisor on a space available basis.

Career Coaches can help you:

  • Start to identify your interests, abilities and skills as they relate to your choice of engineering major—increase the odds of academic and career success by applying your natural talents.
  • Explore the real-world applications of your field of study by looking at program websites, handouts and e-Advisor tools. When you know more about the many things you can do, your classes become more interesting and we see that students are more successful.
  • Improve your job-seeking skills and gain a competitive advantage by attending Fulton Schools of Engineering Career Center workshops and events.
  • Get to know the companies recruiting students by attending company-sponsored information sessions, meeting recruiters and hiring managers, and becoming familiar with different corporate cultures to find the best fit for you.
  • Make summer plans to do something that will add to your skills and give you direct experience in an industry or with a company that interests you. Attend a workshop on finding an internship or other summer experience.
  • Meet with your career coach for individual feedback, to get answers to questions and assistance in making strategic plans for your future.

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